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Sealand Aviation Blog

Cessna Citation snuggles in on a cold December night - December 14th

You have to appreciate a warm dry hangar in December. We nested the Otter and the Kodiak together to make room for a visiting Citation.

Radome Love - December 8th

The Malibu Mirage was back in for an inspection.  Bob caught this picture of Tina as she worked on the radome.

The DC-3 in Autumn - November 4th

As November closes in and the leaves turn gold and red and the nights come early.... These pictures have become my screensavers.

Take my breath away - October 19th

For some reason, whenever I look at these pictures of C-GNBA I start humming that song from Top Gun.  Maybe it's Bob's pictures, Greg's take-off, or the pristine paint job...

Not refurbished, not overhauled, not converted, ALL NEW. - October 17th

Thats how Viking Air describes their brand new Series 400 Twin Otter.  We assemble the rudder, elevators and ailerons for them here in our shop. 

TRACE Engine Update - October 3rd

It's getting closer.  Our DHC-2 Beaver, S/N 815, is getting the first TRACE engine to be installed in a Beaver.  We're nearly ready for testing and we're pumped!

Canada Occupational Health and Safety - September 26th

Tyson received the mandatory training on how to fall off the wing of the DC3. The next step in the training is how to do circuits.

Double Bubbles, a beautiful Cub, and why AME-Es are so popular. - September 23rd

We did an import on a "new" Cub Crafters Super Cub.

North Island College Structures Program - September 2nd

See video

Our local college offers an excellent course for aircraft structures technicians.  This video was shot in our hangar to publicize the course.

MOI Revisited - August 30th

We take a lot of pictures of aircraft in pieces.  It's really nice to see pictures of "our" planes after they leave and get back out in the world