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Sealand Aviation Blog

DC-3 All painted up! - August 24th

It's looking good in Pan-AM colours!  Pictures by Bob Kobzey.

Northwest Seaplanes and Pilot Jim - August 23rd

See video

Jim, pilot extroardinaire for Northwest Seaplanes, documents his travels in short, and occasionally strange, videos.  He posts them on YouTube under the name "ifoundJim".

Repatriation of a DHC-2 - August 20th

ZK-BVR becomes C-GTTU. Repatriation and flags

The Cessna Summer: the Conquest, the Caravan and the Cessna 340. And an Extra EA400! - August 7th

Summertime is when the Beavers fly away and the Cessnas arrive.  On Tuesday we took a few pictures:

Moving, Manufacturing and Mowing - July 27th

We've been busy.  Along with the usual springtime maintenance we have installed another Cabin Kit and Extended Engine Mount, repaired a ground-looped L19, been up the Alaska Highway twice:

How to back up in a Beaver: the Video - May 20th

See video

Bob Kobzey took this video of Greg Koopman practicing backing up the DHC-2 TRACE Beaver on wheel gear.

Country Cousins - May 16th

Bob caught this picture of the DHC-2 and the Air Tractor with the TRACE Engine.

Testing continues - May 14th

Greg is spending one more day in Texas, giving a check out to the TRACE Air Tractor pilot who will continue with the company test flight program.   

TRACE Flight Testing Day 2 - May 13th

Some more pictures: The TRACE Beaver at 1000 feet, Greg and Bob alongside the plane, and a snapshot at the end of the day..Plus a video!