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Sealand Aviation Blog

A Day in Our Life - December 11th

Bob did a walkaround with his camera. The 4 blade "Q-Tip" props and panther winglets are on a Navajo PA 31-350 Panther which we imported into the USA.

Tyee Spit, Dirk and IGF - November 27th

Dirk Septer took this great picture down at Tyee Spit here in Campbell River.  Your eyes aren't deceiving you.  The eagles are feasting on a spawned out chum salmon, as C-FIGF taxis in fr

Be careful what you wish for... - November 19th

It was a beautiful fall day and a plane had sunk in a remote hunting and fishing paradise. We all wanted to go.  It looked like a simple Sealand rescue.

DC-3 in the news: the CTV video - November 16th

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CTV's Gord Kurbis was at the Campbell River airport when the DC-3 was leaving. That's Dave Dunstan and crew giving it the final Sealand check out.

DC-3 is now at Paine Field - November 9th

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Our beautiful DC-3 has finally been flown home to the Historic Flight Foundation at Paine Field.

TRACE Beaver at CAF Airshow in Midland Texas - October 12th

The TRACE Beaver is a real hit at the Commemorative Air Force Air Show in Midland Texas.

TRACE's test flight video. You have to see this. - October 8th

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Watch it every day to improve your day.  And you have to watch the ending! 

You can't do that with an R-985.

DC-3 and the Blues - September 17th

After a lot of research, consultation and comparison, John Sessions of the Historic Flight Foundation decided the Pan AM colors on the DC-3 were not historically accurate.

TRACE Beaver update - September 13th