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Sealand Aviation Blog

Caravan Run-up - February 11th

Bobby Bishop arrived from Texas late Saturday in his Mitsubishi MU-2.  It has twin TP331 Engines.

Big pipes and baby blues - February 4th

The wiring is daunting, the exhaust pipe looks humongous and the cowls fit perfectly: the install continues.

The Caravan Conversion People - January 28th

Derek and Tom aren't wasting time. Here are some more pictures of the crew and the progress on the project.

Caravan Supervan Conversion - January 24th

Black Sheep Aviation of Whitehorse in the Yukon has brought us their Caravan for a Texas Turbine Conversion. It will travel 25 - 40 knots faster and burn 3 - 5 gallons/hr less!

Pete Killin, the Rockies and New Year's Dinner - January 1st

Peter wrote: "Happy New Year Bill!  I did a short test flight this morning and it went well so after some weather checking I decided it was time to head west."

Peter, you're not having fun anymore. Get her on the ground and figure out what's wrong. - December 17th

Good Morning Bill,
Well I was hoping to be handing NBA over to you folks today but the day yesterday took an unplanned turn for me.

Brandon to Red Deer. Pete Killin's Journey - December 15th

Hi Bill. Well after looking at the price of real estate and home rental in Brandon I decided the area was not for me.The weather is not as nice as we have this time of year.

Fog and -6 Today in Brandon. Santa and Pete are grounded. - December 14th

PECI CYBR 141730Z 16008KT 1/4SM FZFG OVC002 M06/M07 A2980 RMK FG6ST2

No Progress on the journey so far today



All iced up and no place to go! Peter Killin's journey. - December 13th

Pete writes "Hi Bill

Todays trip was interesting to say the least. Left Sioux Lookout with pretty favorable conditions for the first hour .

Flying Across Canada in December. Pete Killin's journey. - December 12th

The owner of Beaver C-GNBA, S/N 958, who lives in North Bay Ontario, has decided to send it to us to sell.  Peter Killin flew it east to North Bay last spring so volunteered to bring it back.