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Sealand Aviation Blog

The Fijiian Aero Commander - December 11th

Larry Simon, aka Dusty Rivers has been a country and western singer, a cowboy, a commercial pilot, an aircraft broker, and for the last decade has operated a successful flying service in Fiji:

DHC-2 Who's Who in the Hangar - December 10th

N1543  from Anchorage, S/N 1687TB55, C-FASA from Vancouver and C-GBZS from Winnipeg are lined up in the hangar. 

A Cessna 172 with legs - December 1st

This Cessna 172 had a hard landing.  We repaired the damage last month, and also did an engine change.  It looks better on wheels!


Masking - November 30th

Most of the work in painting is doing the preparation.  Dan has to do a lot of masking to paint a stripe.

The Mayor Brought us the MISTIC Award - November 8th

The Mayor of Campbell River, Charlie Cornfield, brought the MISTIC Award for Science, Technology and Innovation to present to Bill and the crew at the airport hangar. 

MISTIC Award goes to Sealand Aviation! - November 5th

"Mayor Sealand Aviation won the MISTIC Award for Engineering at the 5th Annual MI

The Flight of the Aussie Beaver - November 1st

Greg flew VH-IDO from the Spit to the Airport hangar after her long repair.  It's been almost a year since she flipped over in Australia.

The Beaver from Australia - October 25th

VH-IDO is ready to go: we now have the Australian flight permit we need to test fly her. 

Taking it off in 3/4 time: - October 20th

Bob's first time-lapse video was such a success that we had to do another.  This one gives an insight into what really goes on in the hangar. 

We’re fast and we’re good! - October 4th

See video

Sometimes we can’t tell you how good our structures guys are. We have to show you:

Watch this youtube video and see!