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Sealand Aviation Blog

The view from C-FASA - January 21st

Bob was taking pictures of the interior of C-FASA when Niels spotted him.  Then Tom and Greg came over to check it out.... 

Cabin Extension Kit Continues - January 12th

CF-GYJ and C-GMOI are getting Cabin Kits with Alaska Doors installed simultaneously:



C-FASA Back From the Paintshop - January 11th

Always a good looking turbo Beaver, Telus's C-FASA looks great in her new paint job.

Sealand Aviation Cabin Extension Kit and Alaska Door - January 8th

The Sealand Cabin Extension Kit comes in two configurations:

Nicaragua Bound - January 3rd

It's been bright and sunny for a week.  But cold.  When this Turbo Otter arrived on it's way to Nicaragua, we all volunteered to act as the flight engineer.

The Beavers from Montreal - December 29th

CF-GYJ (Serial Number 133) and C-GMOI (Serial Number 1236) arrived by truck after a long winter journey from Quebec.

C-GBZS Repairs - December 24th

C-GBZS, DHC-2 Serial Number 1595 was damaged after an aborted takeoff in Bryants Raft Pond, a small lake in Newfoundland.  We are posting pictures of the repair in our photo gallery.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - December 21st

Merry Christmas to you all.  May next year be the best ever! 

Snow at Campbell River Airport - December 18th

It was Saturday morning and Dusty was waiting for the pilot who was going with him on a flight to Colorado.  The weather was west coast dismal, but still VFR, when it started to snow.

In from the Cold - December 15th

It's beginning to look a lot like December as the hangar fills up with planes.  Telus's Quest Kodiak arrived today for a visit.