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Where are they now? 300th Cabin Extension Kit 150th Door

It always seems like, when you most want things to be perfect, they aren’t. Take the tide for instance. Bob the owner and Karen the pilot, arrived in Bob’s C172 XP to pick up his Beaver on the ebb of one of the lowest tides of the year. While Bob and Karen reviewed the paperwork, the water disappeared at a record rate. Everyone looked at the lack of water, looked at where the ramp ended, looked at the Beaver, and decided it just wasn’t worth it to launch it and risk scratching up those beautiful floats.

Nevermind, it gave Bob time to buy crabpots, and the avionics guys time to mess with the brand new GPS that Karen brought with her.

Eventually, after the tide came in, the aircraft, Bob and Karen flew off. We’ll get more pictures when they come back.

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