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TRACE Engine gets FAA Production Certificate

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TRACE Engines LP Receives FAA Production Certificate

MIDLAND-ODESSA, Texas, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — TRACE Engines, LP of Midland-Odessa, Texas today received, from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials, its Production Certificate to manufacturer and support the FAA Certified TRACE 600-hp reciprocating aircraft engine for world-wide use in General Aviation.

“We are delighted to have received our Production Certification from the FAA in a little over a year,” said David Czarnecki, Chief Operating Officer of TRACE Engines. “TRACE passed our FAA Production Certification Board Audit with zero findings, which is remarkable.” He added, “This represents an extraordinary achievement by our employees, and an endorsement of our manufacturing and quality management procedures, plus it signals that our engine is airworthy and ready for the General Aviation marketplace.”

The TRACE engine is a powerful, liquid cooled, fuel-efficient, high-performance V-8 engine that is a cost effective alternative to turbine aircraft engines in defined utility applications. The TRACE design allows efficient engine operation at temperature extremes. The engine is the only viable reciprocating alternative in its horsepower class in the world and is fully certified by the FAA and Transport Canada.

“The future looks bright here at TRACE,” said Czarnecki. “We are currently working with companies that are retrofitting TRACE engines into existing aircraft and an OEM that will be released publicly in the first quarter of 2010. “With 600 horsepower, the TRACE engine offers aircraft manufacturers the ability to offer a powerful reciprocating engine at a fraction of turbine pricing, which allows for more affordable aircraft to be introduced in the market. Our benefits in performance, operating and initial cost are significant advantages for TRACE, especially given the current economic conditions.”

Czarnecki further added, “We feel that this FAA Production Certificate, only the third they have granted in three years, will give our program worldwide credibility and will definitely help support the viability and acceptance of our product.”

Design parameters for the TRACE Engine include a 600-hp rating, a preliminary TBO rating of 1,500 hours, the ability to out-climb, fly faster and use as much as 40% less fuel than its turbine-powered counterparts.

Photo 1: TRACE Production Certificate

Photo 2: Day 2 - TRACE DHC-2

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