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TRACE Beaver at CAF Airshow in Midland Texas

The TRACE Beaver is a real hit at the Commemorative Air Force Air Show in Midland Texas.

TRACE at Airshow

TRACE is reporting some really exciting results from their current test flight program.  Will, the pilot, is cautiously gradually increasing the RPM to determine actual take-off performance. 

You can follow his reports on Facebook: and on Twitter: @TraceEngines.

Last week he wrote

"...Well, The Super Beaver is... SUPER! We will have hard numbers tomorrow, but we should be hitting our target numbers to 50ft altitude on take off in less than 700ft of runway. Hopefully less than 600! Stay Tuned!!"

Two days later TRACE reported "Yesterday proved to be a great testing day! We had the pleasure of having a few of our Air Tractor clients fly with Will in the Super Beaver. They Loved it. Although, we're not sure how we are going to hang spray booms on it. All kidding aside, with three full sixed men, full fuel, and 100lbs of "cargo" Ballast the Super Beaver was off the ground in less than 500 Ft! More testing on the menu today and we will have pictures of the "dummy" motor on the Caravan by today!"

Greg Koopman, our test pilot, says it will do better than that, no problem.



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