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Sealand Aviation Cabin Extension Kit and Alaska Door

The Sealand Cabin Extension Kit comes in two configurations:

1. with the large baggage door, and 2. with the big cargo door, called the Alaska Door. 

We designed the Cabin Extension Kit with the baggage door in 1991.  The Alaska Door wasn't designed until 1995, when Tim Laporte of Iliamna Alaska came to us and asked us to build a huge cargo door in the side of the Beaver. With a lot of design work, and input from Dick Hiscocks, one of the original DHC-2 engineers, Tim got his huge cargo doors.

Other Beaver operators have discovered that Tim had a really good idea.  The Alaska Door has become invaluable to pilots who carry passengers with baggage, or carry mail or freight, tents, skis, ATV's, building materials, bales of hay, camp supplies etc etc etc.   

There are now over 300 Beavers with the Sealand Cabin Extension Kit and 153 with the Alaska Door.

 C-GBZS, the yellow and red DHC-2 has the Sealand Cabin Kit, installed in December 1992.  We are retrofitting an Alaska Door (Door Number 154).  Retrofits are not uncommon. To date, about 20 of the Alaska Doors are retrofits. To do the retrofit, many of the original kit components are removed and replaced.

CF-GYJ and C-GMOI are in the hangar for Cabin Extension Kits with Alaska Doors.  They will have Alaska Doors # 155 and 156. The thumbnail pictures show C-GMOI, which has the original de Havilland porthole windows, before and after the interior was removed.  You can see it still has the old battery box. Our Cabin Extension Kit takes out the bulkhead/divider and opens up the cargo area. 

CF-GYJ has the Kenmore windows that replace the portholes. 

 GYJ with Interior removed


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