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Bob Kobzey is a fantastic photographer. Here are some recent photos of life at Sealand Aviation, starting with a self portrait in a spinner.

This is a shot of the spinner on CDT, which was the first Beaver Bob ever signed out back in the 70s. It's back for an Alaska Door and a general refurbish.

bobs first


Joe works on the Telus Kodiak Joe


This Wilga 80 is in for an import from the USA. It became a backdrop for Premier Christy Clark at a political rally at our hangar.WilgaWilga workChristy Clark


The red Beaver, FHZ, came in for a paint job and general tweakingFHZroundred

The black, white, and red Beaver flew in from Florida to get an Alaska Door installed.N156TB

And the Harvard is hanging out with us after a landing problem at Boundary Bayharvard

Thanks Bob!




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