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The modified Cessna 182P

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The highlight of the summer of 2009 was the work we did on the Cessna 182P C-FCGS. Working with the Air Cadets, we put together the ultimate high performance Tow Plane. It was a huge hit!

General Walt Natynczyk, Chief of Staff (the top man in the Canadian military) came to Comox on August 13th to review the Air Cadets at their graduation, and to formally accept delivery of C-FCGS. All the top brass were at the graduation. The plane was inspected and given rave reviews by everyone. General Natynczyk turned out to be a great speaker and a personable and enthusiastic supporter of the Air Cadet program. He signed autographs and posed for pictures with many of the Cadets, in front of C-FCGS. The Air Cadet grad was an inspiring event: 109 Cadets from all over BC put on an impressive performance.

Have a look at the mods!

— Engine: Continental IO-550-F10 - Texas Skyways conversion 2500 Hour TBO
— Prop: Hartzell PHC-G3YF-1RF-3 Blade


  • Stene Aviation Sportsman STOL kit which nearly doubles the lift co-efficient and increases the wing area by over 4 square feet, increases flap efficiency and rate-of-climb, increases the glide ratio from 7:1 to 13:1, increases fuel economy, raises the service ceiling and reduces landing & take off speeds up to 37%.
  • JP Instruments EDM 930 Engine and Fuel Flow Management System measures RPM, pressures, EGT/CHT, oil temp, OAT, Fuel used and needed. It plots the data and also links to the GPS.
  • Micro AeroDynamics VG kit provides improved performance and control authority at low airspeeds and high angles of attack.
  • Air Research Technology Wing X kit increases the max approved GTOW to 2,950 Lbs.
  • Rosen Sunvisors reduce UV by 99% and increase visibility from the cockpit.
  • RMD Wingtips and adjustable pulse RMD Wingtip Lights increase recognition by other aircraft.
  • Shoulder Harnesses, 4 points in the front, 3 point in the back
  • Bubble Windows
  • Tow hook and hook release
  • Airglas Inc.heavy nose fork
  • Monarch Fuel Caps


  • GMA 340-101 Audio Panel
  • GTX 327 Transponder
  • GPS/Com GNC250XL
  • Com Icom IC-A200
  • Artex ME406 ELT

Photo 1: C-FCGS, modified Cessna 182 at Sealand Aviation
Photo 2: C-FCGS Air Cadets

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