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Hot rod airplane

TeenFlight took their RV12 to town. What is Canada Day in Campbell River without a reminder of our aviation heritage! The plane is ready to fly (but we took it to town on a trailer.) Check out the article in the local paper.


There was a line-up of kids all day, wanting to sit in the plane. Laine taught everyone of them about the controls.


A plane on the street gets a lot of attention. Lots of questions, most often "Is that a real plane" You betcha it is!

Is that real?

The Rotax engine likes 91 Octane Mogas. The gas station was right across the street, but did they stop to fill it up? Teens!



Remember the Wings and Wheels event at the airport on Saturday, July 16th to support TeenFlight. We have added two bands and a beer garden to the event!

Wings Wheels 2016




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