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First TRACE Beaver Flight on Floats

The Beaver with the TRACE OE600A 600 hp V8 engine was flown on floats for the very first time today.Take offThe performance is awesome!

Trace Engines of Midland Texas has the Production Certificate from the FAA to manufacture the 0E600A Engine and has recently received the STC to install it in the DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver.

With 600hp, the turbocharged Trace engine has several advantages over a turboprop. It is designed to provide better performance, consume less fuel, and cost less to purchase, repair and operate.

A real advantage for floatplanes is that it is less sensitive to water and corrosion than a turboprop.

In flight

It's a first for this particular Beaver too. It has 34,000 hours on the airframe, all of which was on wheel gear, until today. See her history on Beaver Tails at

Launch TRACE Beaver

Greg couldn't resist the high speed low and over at 150 mph.Low and Over TRACE on Floats

She took to the water like a duck.TRACE Beaver taxi

Bill Alder, President of Sealand Aviation, and Greg Koopman, the test pilot and President of Sealand Aerospace, discuss the flight. Note those smiles!Bill Alder and Greg Koopman

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