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Eagle Hangar? Spit Hangar?

We have 3 hangars. The biggest and newest is about 15,000 square feet and is located at the Campbell River Airport, CYBL. Most of the structures work is done there, as well as a lot of maintenace.

The two older hangars are at Tyee Spit, where the Campbell River meets the sea in Discovery Passage. Once the busiest float plane base on the West Coast, Tyee Spit is now mostly park. All that remains of the glory days are two fixed wing operators, a helicopter business, a fishing lodge, and us.

Our main hangar, the “Spit Hangar”, houses the main offices, our welding shop, the area for the Twin Otter control surface assembly work we do for Viking Air, and our special projects.

The other hangar is where we do float plane maintenance. Years ago, when it belonged to Air Rainbow, the hangar was painted with murals depicting coastal scenes. The wall we see from our offices was painted with a gigantic bald eagle, and the hangar got the name “Eagle Hangar”.

Bob took a picture of it on a quiet Sunday:

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