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The Cessna Summer: the Conquest, the Caravan and the Cessna 340. And an Extra EA400!

Summertime is when the Beavers fly away and the Cessnas arrive.  On Tuesday we took a few pictures:

Conquest, Caravan and Cessna 340


The Extra EA 400 is parked outside the Hangar Door. It's an aircraft with a great pedigree.  The Extra Aircraft company is famous for their aerobatic aircraft. Check them out at

Corey got the job of washing the Caravan:

Corey washes Caravan


The Kodiak showed up for a quick inspection:

Kodiak meet Caravan


The Super Cub sat inside in the sun in the hangar, looking small beside the Conquest:

Cub in the Sun


...and when he was through cleaning aircraft, Corey got to mow the field. Again.

Mowing around the YAK


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