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Campbell River Airport Visit

Bob went across the taxiway to visit the neighbours yesterday and came back with some great pictures of the Air Tractors at the BC Forest Service Tanker Base. These Air Tractors are AT-802’s. They are used as water bombers, carry 800 US Gallons of water, and have a useful load of 9500 lbs. If you look at the rear tire you can see it’s stained pink with fire retardent.

By the way, the smaller Air Tractor 400, which carries 400 US Gallons or 4500 lbs, can be fitted with the TRACE engine. We haven’t seen one in Campbell River yet, but the picture on the right is one that was fitted with a TRACE engine at Yorkton Aircraft Service. Check out their video (and sound) at: watch?v=d3Xgoc7ZOuA

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