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Bellanca Scout

This Scout has been at Sealand Aviation for a long time, while we waited for parts.

It was badly damaged when the pilot ran into unexpected wind conditions as he was landing in a farmer's field.  The pilot and passenger were fine, but the Scout was a mess.  What made it worse was the plane was almost new; it was manufactured in 2008.

We wanted to make sure it still looked factory new so we ordered as many parts as we could, including the wings, from American Champion, the manufacturer.  They shipped four big boxes. We received one.   When the missing three boxes eventually showed up, some parts were missing, a window was cracked, some parts were wrong....   It seemed to take forever to get it sorted out.  We were sure it was going to be flying by January, but, a few more frustrating glitches later,  it's still here, getting the final touches.

In the pictures it is dwarfed by the planes around it, but the Scout is an impressive machine, with a 180 Hp. Lycoming, a cruise speed of about 140 mph and a take off distance less than 500 feet. 




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