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The Beaver from Australia

VH-IDO is ready to go: we now have the Australian flight permit we need to test fly her. 

VH-IDO is the aircraft that sunk in Australia last year.  She arrived here in a container in January.

She'll be like a different plane, with all the damage repaired, new wiring, engine, prop, avionics, glass, and a Sealand Cabin Extension Kit, Lake and Air Gear Advisory system, Sealand engine instrument panel, stainless steel elevator trim push rods, etc etc.

Unloading VH-IDO Jan 2010

Greg will take her out from the Eagle Hangar and check her all out on floats, then fly her up to the Campbell River Airport, to our airport hangar. 

After the flight testing she will be dismantled and put into the container to go back to Australia.

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