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All iced up and no place to go! Peter Killin's journey.

Pete writes "Hi Bill

Todays trip was interesting to say the least. Left Sioux Lookout with pretty favorable conditions for the first hour .

I ran into icing conditions from Lake of the Woods to Lac DuBonet Manitoba. Then it was very snowy conditions for over an hour and a half all the way into Brandon where it was special VFR less than 2 miles vis . I quit for the day as it was becoming a little stressful.

I will see what tomorrow has in store


NBA spent a chilly night in Sioux Lookout.

Peter, who is used to high temperatures when he flies the Martin Mars waterbomber, does not look impressed.Peter Killin

A good run-up:Run-up

In flight, the wing starts to look a little furry:Ice on wing

Then the visability gets really bad:Special VFR. maybe.

Brandon airport and a warm hangar.Brandon airport

That's enough for the day.Warmth

Photography by Peter Killin and Rich Hulina. Thanks!

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