Sealand Aviation Sky Dive Step and Door for the Cessna 182

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STC SA11-68

We have the answer for converting a Cessna 182 to skydiving. Send the door to us and we will modify it for you. We supply the step. Installation is simple.


Beaver Alaska Door - Both open

A happy customer said: “wow does this door ROCK !!! The handle is heavy and solid. Polished steel and SOLID !!! I just wish we could convert the putzy handle we have on our 206 to this one. On the outside it is spring loaded so the half moon handle retracts when let go. It only moves 1/4 turn to open and close and feels so very solid when it closes. Internal release system doesn't have any metal tubes or snag points… I'm most impressed with the door. Thought this 1972 Cessna 182P would be the death of me with no STC to open the door to jump :)”


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