THE SEALAND JUMP SEAT for the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver

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STC SA01-074, STC SA01380NY

Ideal for passenger and cargo operations, great for flightseeing!
Sealand jump seats increase the maximum number of passengers from 7 to 8. Wherever you are, you can easily switch seats around to accommodate a full load of passengers or a mix of passengers and freight. These seats give you more flexibility for flightseeing- you can position the passengers around the plane.

To replace the hammock seat: - Sealand Jump Seats at Station 62
The right hand seat attaches to the right cabin wall, and the left-hand seat attaches to the left cabin wall (similar to the jump seats in a Cessna 185). The center seat fits between them with a leg that attaches to the cabin floor. This configuration allows the use of one, two or three seats. The pilot can install or remove the center seat, or one or both of the side seats and stow them out of the way. The center seat must be removed when the rear jump seat is occupied to allow emergency access. Existing seat belts are used.

The new Sealand Rear Jump Seat at Station 92
This rear bench seat is hinged and may be stored upright against the cabin wall leaving the rear area clear for cargo. Due to structural considerations, the maximum number of passengers occupying the seat is two and the maximum weight of the passengers in the rear seat is 195 pounds. Additional seat belts are required.

The installation of the seats depends on the aircraft configuration.

Beaver Configuration Eligible for Jump Seat to
Replace The Hammock Seat
Eligible for Rear Jump Seat
DHC 2 Unmodified YES NO
With Sealand Cabin Extension Kit (without Alaska Door) YES YES

With Sealand Cabin Extension Kit and Alaska Door

Right Hand Jump Seat Only YES


Maximum number of passengers

Positions DHC-2 Original Configuration Middle Jump
Seats Installed
Rear Jump
Seat Occupied
Alaska Door Configuration
Front Seats
Pilot & Co
Pilot + 1 Pilot + 1 Pilot+ 1 Pilot + 1
Front Bench 3 3 3 3
Seats at
Station 62
3 3 2 1
Rear Seats 0 0 2 2
Totals 7 7 8 7