Front Fuselage Struts

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SAL 9000 STRUTS - for the DHC-2 deHavilland Beaver

STC SA99-203, STC SA01645NY

Our SAL 9000 Strut is an approved replacement for the C2SF3281A and C2FS3282A front Strut. After welding, when utilizing the same 4130 alloy as the original, the wall thickness has been increased by .025". This increase in wall thickness guarantees that the SAL 9000 Strut will be structurally sound when the deHavilland part is severely compromised by corrosion.

The lower end fitting on the SAL 9000 Strut has drain holes incorporated to prevent moisture from accumulating inside the tube and fitting. The original deHavilland part will collect and retain water.

  • The interior surface of the SAL 9000 Strut has been treated with Dinitrol AV30, an approved corrosion-inhibiting compound.
  • The exterior of the entire SAL 900 Strut is cadmium plated, then powder coated.
  • The strut is ambidextrous: it can be used on either side of the fuselage.