REPLACEMENT TIP TANKS for the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver

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STC SA 101-22 and SA 01300 NY

In conjunction with our ongoing development of modifications to the deHavilland Beaver, we realized there was a need for replacement tip tanks. The existing tanks are no longer in production, difficult to locate and expensive. Sealand has developed a cost-effective replacement tip tank that improves the appearance of the aircraft. Because of the change in the shape of the wing tip, there is a decrease in stall speed and an increase in performance.

  • The tank is the same shape as the airfoil, has the same fuel capacity as the original, and has a Hoerner-style composite tip.
  • It is assembled using fuel tank sealant and fuel-resistant coating.
  • It connects directly to the existing plumbing.
  • The sump allows complete draining of accumulated water, even when the aircraft is on amphibious floats.
  • A nav/strobe light is an optional accessory.

Sealand can supply a conversion plumbing package
if your wings do not presently have tip tanks.