CABIN EXTENSION KIT - for the deHavilland Beaver

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STC SA90-2, STC SA00094NY

Over 30% of the Beavers flying today have the Sealand Aviation Cabin Extension Kit installed!

Commercial operators tell us that their customers ask for the "big" Beaver with the Cabin Extension Kit. The cabin appears to be larger and passengers appreciate the greatly improved visibility. Pilots appreciate the ease of cargo loading and the size of cargo that can be accommodated. Giving the deHavilland Beaver a spacious cabin with additional and larger windows has increased the versatility and customer appeal of this great aircraft.

The Sealand Cabin Extension Kit was designed to meet the needs of customers who wanted a well-engineered kit, manufactured to close tolerances and easy to install. The kit is approved for all models and configurations of the deHavilland Beaver, including the Turbo Beaver, up to a gross weight of 6000 lbs.

The Sealand Cabin Extension Kit is the most complete kit on the market and is guaranteed to be the easiest to install. It requires minimal fitting and is customized to fit the deHavilland beaver.

To extend the cabin, the bulkhead is removed between the passenger and cargo compartments. The kit features two large windows on each side of the cabin. The two forward windows are bubble type. New paneling is installed throughout the area, with Kydex molded paneling around the windows. Two built-in First Aid kits are provided. New flooring matches the original. A cargo net is supplied that attaches easily in two convenient configurations. The rear hammock seat tube is replaced. The new baggage door allows for easy access. A complete hardware package is provided.