The ALASKA DOOR - for the DHC-2 deHavilland Beaver

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STC SA90-2, STC SA00094NY

If you carry passengers with a lot of luggage, or carry cargo, you need the Alaska Door. Everybody who has one will tell you how much time they save and how easy it is to load the aircraft. The Alaska Door was originally designed for bush pilots who transport cargo like ATVs, fish boxes and bales of hay - now they are in use everywhere.

Beaver Alaska Door - Both openThe open doors can be opened together for full access, or the aft door can be opened independently so the rear seat passengers remain completely undisturbed.

Open both doors and load bulky cargo through a huge 50" by 42" opening. The doors are lifted upward by gas struts, completely out of the way during loading.

The Alaska Door comes is an optional configuration of the Cabin Extension Kit and includes all the Kit components. This configuration has been engineered to FAR 23 standards, which exceed the original design standards for the Beaver.

The Alaska Door modification is available as a retrofit to Beavers with the Sealand Cabin Extension Kits with the standard baggage door.

The Alaska Door comes complete with a door lock kit, Door Ajar Panel Warning Light, and (for piston Beavers only) a Starter Lockout. All hardware is supplied.

Keep Them Flying... Safely!

Other quality options for the Sealand Cabin Extension Kit include the Alaska Door retrofit (for previously installed Cabin Extension Kit), Float Ladder Kit and the Inside Door Latch.