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Fog and -6 Today in Brandon. Santa and Pete are grounded. - December 14th

PECI CYBR 141730Z 16008KT 1/4SM FZFG OVC002 M06/M07 A2980 RMK FG6ST2

No Progress on the journey so far today



All iced up and no place to go! Peter Killin's journey. - December 13th

Pete writes "Hi Bill

Todays trip was interesting to say the least. Left Sioux Lookout with pretty favorable conditions for the first hour .

Flying Across Canada in December. Pete Killin's journey. - December 12th

The owner of Beaver C-GNBA, S/N 958, who lives in North Bay Ontario, has decided to send it to us to sell.  Peter Killin flew it east to North Bay last spring so volunteered to bring it back.

A Day in Our Life - December 11th

Bob did a walkaround with his camera. The 4 blade "Q-Tip" props and panther winglets are on a Navajo PA 31-350 Panther which we imported into the USA.

Tyee Spit, Dirk and IGF - November 27th

Dirk Septer took this great picture down at Tyee Spit here in Campbell River.  Your eyes aren't deceiving you.  The eagles are feasting on a spawned out chum salmon, as C-FIGF taxis in fr

Be careful what you wish for... - November 19th

It was a beautiful fall day and a plane had sunk in a remote hunting and fishing paradise. We all wanted to go.  It looked like a simple Sealand rescue.

DC-3 in the news: the CTV video - November 16th

See video

CTV's Gord Kurbis was at the Campbell River airport when the DC-3 was leaving. That's Dave Dunstan and crew giving it the final Sealand check out.

DC-3 is now at Paine Field - November 9th

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Our beautiful DC-3 has finally been flown home to the Historic Flight Foundation at Paine Field.

TRACE Beaver at CAF Airshow in Midland Texas - October 12th

The TRACE Beaver is a real hit at the Commemorative Air Force Air Show in Midland Texas.

TRACE's test flight video. You have to see this. - October 8th

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Watch it every day to improve your day.  And you have to watch the ending! 

You can't do that with an R-985.