Sealand Aviation Blog

Sealand Aviation Blog

Beech Boys - September 20th

We are inspecting an amazingly beautiful Beech 18. The "Beech Boys" are Lance and Ben from the Netherlands, here for a year as apprentices as part of their schooling.

This is us in July - July 16th

What do aircraft maintenance people do in July. We play with planes.  Like this incredibly beautiful one that Tom built and flies.

The Harvards. Two beautiful machines in our hangar. - July 9th

We have been repairing a Harvard 4, C-FMWN, built in 1953,  and now are importing a Harvard Mk II CF-SKL, built in 1941.

The BIG Secret: The WEST COAST WINDOW - May 17th

We have been keeping this secret for way too long. Designed for sightseeing. Do you like it?

Reflections - May 11th

Bob Kobzey is a fantastic photographer. Here are some recent photos of life at Sealand Aviation, starting with a self portrait in a spinner.

Why ride when you can fly? Here's why: - April 11th

Krista Houston flies a Eurocopter AS350B.

Wal-Mart in Campbell River - March 29th

In Campbell River, its easier to buy a chain-saw than a dress.  There are more ATVs than sports cars. There are definitely more Beavers, Cessnas and A-Stars than corporate jets.

Supervan 900 test flights completed - February 13th

The weather at Campbell River Airport was typical wet coast for the last two or three days.

Caravan Run-up - February 11th

Bobby Bishop arrived from Texas late Saturday in his Mitsubishi MU-2.  It has twin TP331 Engines.

Big pipes and baby blues - February 4th

The wiring is daunting, the exhaust pipe looks humongous and the cowls fit perfectly: the install continues.