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Cessna 185 Going, DHC-2 Coming! - November 16th

That’s C-FOLE in the back of the container. Ian Scott, on the right, is taking it to Australia. We’ve known the plane for years and will be sorry to see it go.

TRACE OE600A Engine Oct 21 - October 21st

The installation of the TRACE 0E600A engine into a de Havilland DHC-2 continues.

The Black Beaver Before and After - October 21st

We couldn’t resist posting two pictures from “Beaver Tails”. The “After” shot was taken by John Caswell.

The Transformation of the Black Beaver - October 21st

N94DN is off to Chicago...

The modified Cessna 182P - October 16th

See photos below...

TRACE OE600A V8 Engine in the Beaver! - October 15th

The surprised looking man in the picture is Bill Alder, caught in the act of changing history. He’s preparing to install a Trace Engine on a DHC-2 Beaver.

Turbo Beaver - October 14th

Welcome to the new Sealand Aviation Blog! - October 20th

We’ll be using this blog to provide a look at what’s happening at Sealand Aviation - everything from news and highlights to photos and stories.