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Sealand Aviation Blog

Aussie Beaver Arrives by Sea, Land and Air - January 9th

The truck with the container finally arrived Thursday. We had a crane standing by to gently take the container off the truck.

By Sea & Land from Australia - January 6th

The container with the Aussie Beaver will be arriving at our airport hangar tomorrow morning. Thursday, January 6, 2010.

Sealand TRACE Beaver cowl started - December 22nd

Bill has started work on the cowling. The next task is designing the installation of the cooling system.

We added a picture of the turbocharger because it looks artistic!

The actual Sealand Beaver TRACE Mount - December 22nd

Note the turbo charger.

Laser Tracking and the TRACE Engine Mount - December 18th

This is what the data looks like from the Laser Tracker that Dirk used to measure the engine mount.

TRACE Engine Mount Measuring - December 16th

Viking Air helped us out by using their Laser Tracker to accurately measure the engine mount to firewall installation. It took just over an hour to measure 29,000 points.

MT Reversing Propeller for the Sealand Beaver - December 16th

The Prop is on order!

We’re putting a 98.5 inch 4 blade MT reversing propeller on the TRACE Engine installation.

TRACE OE600A Engine Engine Mount - December 11th

The TRACE engine mount has been changed, and it looks like we’ve got the final configuration. Our draftsman has been creating preliminary drawings.

Sealand Aviation ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B Certification - December 6th

Finally! Our aircraft parts manufacturing is certified to AS9100.

Tracking the Australian DHC-2 - November 24th

The Australian Beaver is still in Fremantle, in a container, waiting for the freighter. The weather here in Campbell River has been typical: late November gales and rain.