Sealand Aviation Blog

Sealand Aviation Blog

PBJ crew all smiles... - March 31st

Some of the crew stopped for a photo: Rod, Richard, Tyson, John, Dan, Peter, Tom, Bill and Capi. Greg, our DOM, was the pilot.

The right stuff: - March 22nd

It soon became apparent that Dano does not have the attitude necessary to succeed as a receptionist.

Twin Otter Ailerons - March 17th

Photo 1: The jigs

Cessna 185 Inspection - March 15th

Peter, John and the aircraft owner check to see how many people can fit in the front of a Cessna 185.

Photo: Changing the aileron cable.

and more Beaver Updates: C-FFKL - March 12th

We’re fitting the doors and the makeover is almost done.

Photo 1: Tyson finishing the doors.

Photo 2: FKL plastic surgery continues...

Beaver updates: N1543 - March 12th

Bob took these pictures of N1543 in progress...

Photo 1: Checking out the structure.

Photo 2: Changing skins...

Aussie Beaver (and crew) March 10 - March 12th

We thought it was time we ran a few pictures of the Aussie Beaver, VH-IDO. Becca said she isn’t really that short. She says she was crouching down.

You can tell you are getting older when the pilots look too young! - March 11th

We’re going to get an STC for a booster seat for the Beaver.

Monday at the airport - March 8th

A typical day…

Photo 1: Peter Killin visited with the 206

Photo 2: Seaplanes West 182 Float Kit

Air Cadets meet the Boss Beaver - March 3rd

The Captain Brian Barker Air Cadet Squadron 363 of Campbell River came for a tour last night. John and Bob showed them around the airport hangar.