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Sealand Aviation Blog

Where are they now? 300th Cabin Extension Kit 150th Door - July 21st

It always seems like, when you most want things to be perfect, they aren’t. Take the tide for instance.

DC-3 Pilots and Mechanics - July 21st

John and Dan are planning on getting some time in the DC-3 (photo 1).

And on the DC-3 (photo 2).

DC-3 at Campbell River Airport - July 1st

This DC-3 belongs to a museum in Seattle. We ferried it in yesterday for an inspection, and to fix a few snags.

Inside the Eagle Hangar - June 28th

DHC-2 Beaver maintenance.

Eagle Hangar? Spit Hangar? - June 21st

We have 3 hangars. The biggest and newest is about 15,000 square feet and is located at the Campbell River Airport, CYBL.

JZE and JWU - June 19th

The view from Bob’s toolbox: JWU framed by JZE.

C-GJWU (formerly PBJ) back from the paint shop - June 17th

Juliet Whiskey is back, painted a flat military grey, with a yellow slash on the tail. Here is a sneak preview. We’ll take more pictures when the doors go back on.

Life Jackets and Tracking Systems - June 14th

It’s never a good thing when a plane goes in, but, in the case of C-FJZE, it wasn’t all bad news.

She ain’t ugly, she just looks that way. - June 2nd

Heliqwest Aviation brought a K-MAX in for a visit to our hangar at the Campbell River airport. The Kaman K-1200 is an American Helicopter with intermeshing rotors designed for lifting.

Aztec - May 27th

This good looking Aztec came in last week. Greg, our DOM, joined the owner in Seattle to fly it up to Campbell River. Greg gets most of the fun flying jobs.