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Why isn't it flying? The TRACE engine saga continues - February 14th

So why isn't C-GGBF flying?  The engine runs great, there are no problems with it.

TRACE Engines run-up Number One - January 30th

See video

Nothing like the first time!  The 98' four blade reversing MT prop looks a little strange because of the stroboscopic effect of the filming.  Everyone was happy with the run-up. 

TRACE: Update from Texas - January 12th

Greg and Peter went to Texas and assembled the TRACE Beaver. They were happy to head to sunny Midland until they got the weather forecast. Snow.

Happy Holidays to you all! - December 23rd

From all of us at Sealand Aviation, may you have a wonderful holiday and a happy and prosperous New Year!

TRACE Engine sneak preview - December 19th

We received some pictures today.  The installation is almost complete.  And finally, after years of being primer green, Serial # 815 is white!

Cessna Citation snuggles in on a cold December night - December 14th

You have to appreciate a warm dry hangar in December. We nested the Otter and the Kodiak together to make room for a visiting Citation.

Radome Love - December 8th

The Malibu Mirage was back in for an inspection.  Bob caught this picture of Tina as she worked on the radome.

The DC-3 in Autumn - November 4th

As November closes in and the leaves turn gold and red and the nights come early.... These pictures have become my screensavers.

Take my breath away - October 19th

For some reason, whenever I look at these pictures of C-GNBA I start humming that song from Top Gun.  Maybe it's Bob's pictures, Greg's take-off, or the pristine paint job...

Not refurbished, not overhauled, not converted, ALL NEW. - October 17th

Thats how Viking Air describes their brand new Series 400 Twin Otter.  We assemble the rudder, elevators and ailerons for them here in our shop.