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Sealand Aviation Blog

The BIG Secret: The WEST COAST WINDOW - May 17th

We have been keeping this secret for way too long. Designed for sightseeing. Do you like it?

Reflections - May 11th

Bob Kobzey is a fantastic photographer. Here are some recent photos of life at Sealand Aviation, starting with a self portrait in a spinner.

Why ride when you can fly? Here's why: - April 11th

Krista Houston flies a Eurocopter AS350B.

Wal-Mart in Campbell River - March 29th

In Campbell River, its easier to buy a chain-saw than a dress.  There are more ATVs than sports cars. There are definitely more Beavers, Cessnas and A-Stars than corporate jets.

Supervan 900 test flights completed - February 13th

The weather at Campbell River Airport was typical wet coast for the last two or three days.

Caravan Run-up - February 11th

Bobby Bishop arrived from Texas late Saturday in his Mitsubishi MU-2.  It has twin TP331 Engines.

Big pipes and baby blues - February 4th

The wiring is daunting, the exhaust pipe looks humongous and the cowls fit perfectly: the install continues.

The Caravan Conversion People - January 28th

Derek and Tom aren't wasting time. Here are some more pictures of the crew and the progress on the project.

Caravan Supervan Conversion - January 24th

Black Sheep Aviation of Whitehorse in the Yukon has brought us their Caravan for a Texas Turbine Conversion. It will travel 25 - 40 knots faster and burn 3 - 5 gallons/hr less!

Pete Killin, the Rockies and New Year's Dinner - January 1st

Peter wrote: "Happy New Year Bill!  I did a short test flight this morning and it went well so after some weather checking I decided it was time to head west."