DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver - RED A03 Engine Project

Canada-based Sealand Aviation in partnership with RED Aircraft GmbH convert the powerplant of the DHC-2 DeHavilland Beaver. The conversion work started in June 2021 and it will see the DHC-2 Beaver powerplant replaced with the new clean-sheet design ultra-efficient RED A03 from RED Aircraft GmbH. **ENGINE HIGHLIGHTS High thermodynamic efficiency drives low fuel consumption. Optimized combustion results in reduced exhaust emissions. Low exhaust noise stems from intelligent engine architecture. The RED A03 reduces environmental impact with : - Low fuel burn - Low exhaust gas pollution - Reduced noise - This engine will provide operators greater power, lower operating and maintenance costs. MORE ABOUT RED A03 The RED A03 is a lightweight, all-aluminum, compression-ignition, internal combustion 12-cylinder engine in 80° V configuration with two six-cylinder banks capable of independent operation. SEALAND AVIATION Sealand Aviation overhauls, rebuilds, salvages and repairs light aircraft. Sealand Aviation also manufactures aircraft modification kits and components.