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From YBL to Lake Nicaragua in 40 Hours

It took 40 hours to fly the Otter from the cool winter in Campbell River to the bright sunshine of Nicaragua. 

Otter in Granada

Bill and Greg left the rain and snow for a few days and went down to Granada (on a commercial flight) to see the facilities that Nica Wings is developing in Granada on Lake Nicaragua, and at Managua on Lake Managua.  Nica Wings is a Canadian owned company that is bringing a fleet of floatplanes to Nicaragua, working with the Nicaraugan government to promote tourism.

  Hot Inspection

The shots of the Otter were taken at the base in Granada, on the shore of Lake Nicaragua.  Bill and Greg started on the inspection (and their tans).

Delivery to Otter

The wood for the platform to go on the floats was delivered in an eco friendly fashion. 

Site of new Hangar in Managua

The new hangar is under construction, being buillt in partnership with the Nicaraguan government at this site in Managua.

Otter in Campbell River Winter

This shot was taken before the Otter left Campbell River.  Note the jackets.

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