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Spring 2017

It doesn't snow often in Campbell River, but last winter it snowed again and again. We were busy in spite of it all. Spring brought out the cameras.


This beauty was in for paint, door and an interior. The interior was done by Class A Interiors, a local firm that does an amazing job.

Side Door

We'll post a picture of the seats when we put them back in!



The Turbo Beaver was in for paint and a hot section. C-FGJQ, a Glasair Super2 RG built by Paul Connor and Jim Hannibal, came in for maintenance.


Turbo Otter

The turbo otter was in for numerous maintenance items, including redoing the cowling.

Otter on trailer

It is going to leave Campbell River on floats. Rather than putting it on floats at the airport, and using the truck and cart for a take-off on the runway, we were cautious and trucked it down to to our floatplane hangar at Campbell River's Tyee Spit. We will put the wings and floats back on there.


Bill in hangar

It was probably snowing outside when we took this picture of Bill. He hates snow. Here's to spring!

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